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Netflix Title 13 Minutes
Director of 13 Minutes Not Available
Cast & Crew of 13 Minutes [‘Jimmy Waitman’]
Country United States
Date Added Not Available
13 Minutes – Release Year
Show Rating of 13 Minutes 0/ 5
Genre of 13 Minutes Drama,Thriller
Plot of 13 Minutes Unusual events begin to occur for a high school student after she is revived from being unconscious in a frozen lake for 13 minutes.


Synopsis  of 13 Minutes

13 Minutes

Natasha is the most popular girl in her school. Everybody loves her, and she has two friends, Hayley and Jenny, who were faithful to her always. One night, Natasha is found dead in a river by aspiring music producer Jamie and his dog, Biscuit. Doctors revive her when she is found. Natasha knows that she did not fall into the river that night by accident, and she definitely wasn’t suicidal. So when she goes back to school and Hayley and Jenny start acting strangely, Tasha turns to her ex best friend, Becca, whom she dumped years before in order to have the perfect image. Becca doesn’t even want to help the Queen Bee at first, but who doesn’t want to be popular. Becca and Tasha become friends again and work together to help solve the mystery. All the while, more suspicious incidents come together to lay down a solution. But when you are a teenage girl, nothing is ever as it seems. Be prepared to shriek, cry, and gasp when reading this heart-stopping mystery/thriller.

13 Minutes

/10 stars from
users in IMDB
Reviews: 50.

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The movie 13 Minutes is currently available on Netflix and was added to Netflix this year.

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