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Netflix Title 17 filles
Director of 17 filles Not Available
Cast & Crew of 17 filles [‘Louise Grinberg’, ‘Juliette Darche’, ‘Roxane Duran’, ‘Esther Garrel’, ‘Yara Pilartz’, ‘Sol??ne Rigot’, ‘No??mie Lvovsky’, ‘Florence Thomassin’, ‘Carlo Brandt’, ‘Fr??d??ric Noaille’, ‘Arthur Verret’, ‘Philippine Raude Toulliou’, ‘Sharleen Le Mero Pietruszka’, ‘Charlotte Alonso’, ‘Julia Ballester’, ‘Manon Denis’, ‘Cl??mence Thibault’, ‘Violaine Hayano’]
Country France
Date Added Not Available
17 filles – Release Year 2011
Show Rating of 17 filles 3/ 5
Genre of 17 filles Drama
Plot of 17 filles When a rebellious teenager finds out that she is already eight weeks pregnant, she forms a pact with sixteen of her classmates to get pregnant simultaneously, raise their children together, and most of all, be in charge … Read all


Synopsis  of 17 filles

17 filles

This summer, at the port-city of Lorient in Brittany, something amazing happened. Young rebellious dreamer Camille is already eight weeks pregnant, the father of her unborn child is completely unimportant and out of the picture, nevertheless, the unripe school girl boldly decides to keep the baby. And then comes the unforeseen surprise. Camille, as the undisputed alpha-girl in class, convinces her high school friends to form an unbreakable pact and get pregnant simultaneously, raise their children together, be free, happy, and most of all, in charge of their lives. Before long, sixteen more girls will confidently take the plunge in a purposeful act of emancipation, dreaming of changing the world and courageously trying something different from their fearful parents. Is this the face of progress or is it just an unquiet and tumultuous childish curiosity? Either way, when you are an intrepid beautiful dreamer full of energy, who can really stand in your way? Ÿ??Nick Riganas

17 filles

6/10 stars from
3095 users in IMDB
Reviews: 50.

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