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About Film Annaatthe:

Release Date4 November 2021
GenreAction, Drama
CastRajinikanth … Kaalaiyan
Kushboo Kushboo … Angayarkanni
Meena Meena … Mangayarkarasi
Nayanthara Nayanthara … Pattammal
Keerthy Suresh Keerthy Suresh … Thangameenatchi
Jagapathi Babu Jagapathi Babu … Udhav Paraker
Prakash Raj Prakash Raj … Nattadurai
Soori Soori … Pachakilli
PlotKaaliyan has a sister who marries a young man without the permission from Kaaliyan and moves to Kolkata with her husband , where she faces unknown threats. Soon her brother Kaaliyan comes to the rescue.

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Annaatthe is currently available on Netflix.

To binge-watch this movie you can go with the below link.

Annaatthe: Reviews:

Such a brilliant movie. Rajini sir absolutely rocked this like every other movie he does. Truly the most gifted actor of our time. Nayanthara and Keerty ma'am are such talented actresses and it was lovely seeing that partnership in this movie. Soori sir was brilliant like always and he truly brings a smile to my face. The antagonists of this film were excelled as well. Great music. Overall all aspects were breathtaking and so many intricate details made it an absolute gem of a movie. It was truly an experience and it delivered more than what we could have expected. 
In terms of storyline absolutely heartwarming story with all aspects that make a movie interesting, engaging and successful. From romance, action, swag, sentiment, affection and comedy. I loved the relationship between the brother and sister and truly bought tears to my eyes countless times at the pure chemistry and affection between the two characters. The actors really bought these emotions to the forefront. 
Happy Diwali everybody! Thanks, Siva and team for making another incredible. enjoyable and memorable movie for us all. Loved this.on was great. They have showed the relationship between each other so well. Minute details are excellent. I would strongly recommend this movie for everyone who likes family oriented movies.
A Lovely movie by a young and energetic team. I never expected the movie would be this nice and feel good. It made me weep many times. Great songs and scores by Aadhi brother. Great casting by the team. Emotions were carried throughout the movie and it was well balanced. The most important aspect of the movie was the equality message conveyed right.
Diwali is not complete without watching a Megastar movie. This Diwali was a feast for all the Super Star fans who were waiting for a long time to watch their favorite hero on the big screen. It was a great experience to watch Rajinikanth's Annaatthe at the event of the big festival day with full theater capacity. 
Did it really live up to the expectation?
Did it satisfy the hardcore fans of Thalivar? 
Let's see..

Annaatthe was directed by Siruthai Siva who delivered a block buster hit with Viswasam but he certainly failed to capitalise the 'Rajinism' factor in Annaatthe. Director was so obsessed with his earlier films starting from Veeram, Vedhalam, Viswasam, and come up with an age old "Brother- Sister" sentiment script which is fifty years old in Tamil Cinema! Annaatthe is so outdated that it only delivers the experience of watching Sun TV Serials for 3 hours!!

The film features a big list of star casts like Nayanthara, Keerthy Suresh, Kushboo, Meena, Prakashraj, Jagapathi Babu, Soori, and a few more big names but none of them created any impact in this movie. The director did not take any effort in creating something new for the Tamil audience. The entire film is so predictable even first-time movie-goers can predict the storyline from the first frame. 

Superstar Rajini plays the out an out village role  Kaalayan and he delivers his best at the age of 70. His phenomenal screen presence is the only relief for the audience. The crowd in the theatre literally jumped in joy when the title card showed Super Star Rajini with Annamalai theme music but it only last till the title song 'Annaatthe Annaatthe' sung by the late iconic singer SPB. As the movie progress, we quickly fall into the melodramatic serial trap where there is no logic whatsoever! It is so annoying to see the brother-sister relationship tale between Kaalayan and Thangam. The flashback scene set the tone that it is going to be yet another Pasamalar type flick with old-fashioned melodrama. 

Keerthy Suresh is a talented actress but all she does is only cry show from beginning till the end. In the climax, when she meets Kaalayan it only gives a big relief for the audience who are waiting for the movie to end! Nayanthara plays a sidekick role and travel along with Kaalayan in the second half but it was more like a cameo role with few songs on her belt. 

Stunt sequences in the movie worked out well to an extend with impeccable camera work by Vetri. Some of the high intense fight scenes are captured from different angles but it was a little too much when it was elevated by visual effects.
D. Imman's music composition is bearable for a couple of songs but the jarring background score for the action sequences will test your hearing sense. He failed to recreate the Kannana Kanne magic composition in this film.

Actor Rajinikanth is an iconic actor in Indian Cinema. A director like Siva must have reinvented the wheel and come up with something new to satisfy the neutral audience but he was caught up with the star value and mass elements and failed to deliver even a just above average film. It is quite heartbreaking to watch the superstar with such less promising roles. Probably, Superstar should try the route of Amitabh who does a powerful role goes with his age. 

Overall, Annaatthe is an old-fashioned sentimental drama that can be watched once for Rajini's charismatic screen presence but it will test your patience to the core.
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