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Anime Title Aoi Hana
Director of Aoi Hana Not Available
Cast & Crew of Aoi Hana Not Available
Country Not Available
Date Added Jul 2, 2009 to Sep 10, 2009
Aoi Hana – Original Release  Jul 2, 2009 to Sep 10, 2009
Show Rating of Aoi Hana 7.21
Episodes 11
Genre of Aoi Hana
Synopsis / Plot / Storyline of Aoi Hana Shy and soft-spoken Fumi Manjoume and upfront and caring Akira Okudaira were best friends in elementary school, but this changed when Fumi and her family moved away. Years later, Fumi moves back to her hometown after being accepted at Matsuoka Girlsƒ?? High School. She finally reunites with Akira, who is going to attend Fujigatani Girlsƒ?? Academy. Despite their reunion, their relationship isn’t the same as it was years ago.

As soon as Fumi starts attending school, popular senior Yasuko Sugimoto takes notice of her and flatters her more than any other underclassmen. After running to Akira for help so many times before, Fumi must figure out who she is as a person instead of standing in someone elseƒ??s shadow. However, that doesnƒ??t stop Akira from wanting her friendship with Fumi to be as it once was. Will the girls be able to conquer the high school stage of growing up before it pulls them apart?

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How/ Where to Watch Aoi Hana

The Aoi Hana is currently available on popular streaming site and was aired from  Jul 2, 2009 to Sep 10, 2009


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Romance, Shoujo Ai, Slice of Life

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