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Netflix Title De Re?ªnie
Director of De Re?ªnie Not Available
Cast & Crew of De Re?ªnie [‘Thekla Reuten’, ‘Daan Schuurmans’, ‘Marie-Mae van Zuilen’, ‘Daantje Idelenburg’, ‘Trudie Styler’, ‘Lukas Dijkema’, ‘Menno Van Beekum’, ‘Antoinette Jelgersma’, ‘Hein van der Heijden’, ‘Janni Goslinga’, ‘Patrick Stoof’, ‘Margien van Doesen’, ‘Jeroen De Man’, ‘Myron Wouts’, ‘Joep van der Geest’, ‘Tobias Kersloot’, ‘Eli Rietveld’, ‘Lara Leijs’]
Country Netherlands
Date Added Not Available
De Re?ªnie – Release Year 2015
Show Rating of De Re?ªnie 2.8/ 5
Genre of De Re?ªnie Drama,Mystery
Plot of De Re?ªnie Sabine is looking for the truth behind the disappearance of her best friend twenty years ago. An encounter with Olaf, a handsome man she met in her teenage years, and the announcement of a high school reunion turns her l… Read all


Synopsis  of De Re?ªnie

De Re?ªnie

Upon returning to work after an absence Sabine (Thekla Reuten) must deal with new emotional obstacles and matters from her past. Unlocking these doors exposes her to truths she may not be prepared for and the consequences of not letting the past go. Unanswered questions about her friend’s disappearance, and a new romance leads Sabine to dark places. Ÿ??hamburgerharold

De Re?ªnie

5.6/10 stars from
556 users in IMDB
Reviews: 50.

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The movie De Re?ªnie is currently available on Netflix and was added to Netflix this year.

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