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Anime Title Hybrid Child
Director of Hybrid Child Not Available
Cast & Crew of Hybrid Child Not Available
Country Not Available
Date Added Oct 29, 2014 to Jan 28, 2015
Hybrid Child – Original Release  Oct 29, 2014 to Jan 28, 2015
Show Rating of Hybrid Child 7.89
Episodes 4
Genre of Hybrid Child
Synopsis / Plot / Storyline of Hybrid Child The skilled craftsman Kuroda created artificial humans called Hybrid Childƒ??creatures who are neither machines nor dolls, but rather a reflection of the love shown to them. While they can feel human emotions and have their own consciousness, they are not real humans and require love to grow.

Kotarou Izumi is the young heir to the noble Izumi family, so it is frowned upon when he brings an abandoned Hybrid Child he found in the garbage into their household. His family even attempts to throw away Hazukiƒ??Kotarou’s name for the Hybrid Childƒ??multiple times when he is not paying attention. But through overcoming these obstacles, their love and the bond connecting them grow stronger. However, ten years pass before a horrifying realization dawns on them: a Hybrid Child might not have an endless life span.

Hybrid Child is a collection of three short love stories, depicting the relationship between the artificial humans and their owners.

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How/ Where to Watch Hybrid Child

The Hybrid Child is currently available on popular streaming site and was aired from  Oct 29, 2014 to Jan 28, 2015


Netflix Listings of Hybrid Child

Drama, Historical, Romance, Sci-Fi, Shounen Ai

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