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Anime Title Idolƒ??Sister
Director of Idolƒ??Sister Not Available
Cast & Crew of Idolƒ??Sister Not Available
Country Not Available
Date Added Dec 26, 2014
Idolƒ??Sister – Original Release  Dec 26, 2014
Show Rating of Idolƒ??Sister 7.16
Episodes 1
Genre of Idolƒ??Sister
Synopsis / Plot / Storyline of Idolƒ??Sister Former members of the idol group IKB31, Ayaka Takano, Maki Kamii and Maina Ooizumi, form a new group called Platinum Kiss. One of the biggest reasons for their success onstage would be their manager, Ayaka’s older brother, despite his perverted nature.

On the day before their next concert, he informs the girls that he might not be able to attend, causing them to feel very anxious. In the girls’ desperate effort to find him, he turns out to be peeping at their every action. With one hour left before their performance, he helps them in “calming their nervesƒ?.

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The Idolƒ??Sister is currently available on popular streaming site and was aired from  Dec 26, 2014


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Harem, Hentai, Music

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