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About Film Jagame Thandhiram(Tamil):

itleJagame Thandhiram(Tamil)
Release Date18 June 2021
DirectorKarthik Subbaraj
GenreDrama, Crime, Action
CastDhanush … Suruli
James Cosmo James Cosmo … Peter Sprott
Aishwarya Lekshmi Aishwarya Lekshmi … Attila
Joju George Joju George … Sivadoss
Kalaiyarasan Kalaiyarasan … Dheepan
Vadivukkarasi Vadivukkarasi … Manimegalai (Suruli’s Mother)
Sharath Ravi Sharath Ravi … Vicky
Deepak Paramesh Deepak Paramesh … Dharani
Ramachandran Durairaj Ramachandran Durairaj … Ram
Soundara Raja Soundara Raja … Paraman
Gajaraj Gajaraj … Murugesan
Muthukumar Muthukumar … Rajan
Ashwanth Ashokkumar Ashwanth Ashokkumar … Theeran
Sanchana Natarajan Sanchana Natarajan … Valli
Decca Heggie Decca Heggie … Peters gang
Sathya Prema Sathya Prema … Valli’s Friend
Baba Bhaskar Baba Bhaskar … Theerthamalai
Atul Sharma Atul Sharma … London Nightclub Businessman
Manoj Anand Manoj Anand … Rajan’s Funeral Mourner
S. Someetharan S. Someetharan … Chinna
Anoop Anoop … Paul
Lee Nicholas Harris Lee Nicholas Harris … Arresting police officer
Janagiraman Janagiraman … Anil
Kevin Nolan Kevin Nolan … Train commuter
Prabhujith Prabhujith … Rahul
Roman Fiori Roman Fiori … John
Martyn Mayger Martyn Mayger … Restaurant patron
Sammy Jonas Heaney Sammy Jonas Heaney … Chris
Tara Sumner Tara Sumner … Helen
Natasha Jenssen Natasha Jenssen … Rajan’s Funeral Mourner
Richie Lawrie Richie Lawrie … Mr. Minder
Antonio Zavatteri Antonio Zavatteri … Minister Andrews
Sonia Goswami Sonia Goswami … Funeral Relative / 2nd Shopper at Meat Shop
Johnny Neal Johnny Neal … Mathew
Chloe Antonia Chloe Antonia … Lissi
Pierre Bergman Pierre Bergman … Restaurant Patron
Jason Lines Jason Lines … Gangster
Elena Valdameri Elena Valdameri … Butler
Nick Davison Nick Davison … Pub Customer / Passerby
Chiraz Aich Chiraz Aich … The Nurse
Jamie O’Rourke Jamie O’Rourke
Isabella Rosinante Isabella Rosinante … Dancer
Robert McCrea Robert McCrea … Shivados Gangster
Ramesh Vethanayagam Ramesh Vethanayagam … Old Man in the Jail
Yuk Man Yuk Man … Kitano
Haroon Rafiq Haroon Rafiq … Shop Owner
Kishore Bhatt Kishore Bhatt … Rajan’s Funeral Mourner
Winnie Wong Winnie Wong … Kitano’s Mother
Efosa Osaghae Efosa Osaghae … Nightclub bouncer
Paul Terry Paul Terry … Gangster
Shane Hart Shane Hart
David Blackwell David Blackwell … Gang Member
Bharat Mistri Bharat Mistri … London Nightclub Businessman
Chereena Miller Chereena Miller … Tourist
Vaunisha Kapoor Vaunisha Kapoor … Night Clubber
Patrick Loh Patrick Loh … Refugee
Adam Lazarus Adam Lazarus … Raver
Ozzy Chetin Ozzy Chetin … Bouncer
Gbola Adewunmi Gbola Adewunmi … British Hip-Hop Gang Member
Masaya Mimura Masaya Mimura … Sivados Gang Member
Rina Yadav Rina Yadav … Rajan’s Family Funeral Mourner
Nisha Zala Nisha Zala … Refugee
Philip Mawdsley Philip Mawdsley … Gang Member
Justin Sysum Justin Sysum … Gangster / spy
Martin Bratanov Martin Bratanov … Gangster
Wong Charlie Wong Charlie … Funeral friend / refugee
Mark Ryder Mark Ryder … Train Passenger
Phil Hodges Phil Hodges … Mourner
Mason Ilsley Mason Ilsley … London Pedestrian
Biljana Biki Biljana Biki … Bar Patron
Matt Sproit Matt Sproit … Gangster
Suki Chott Suki Chott … Refugee Guide
Susanne Brown Susanne Brown … Scared Passerby
Andreina Sambucetti Andreina Sambucetti … Arresting police officer
Frina Mehta Frina Mehta … London Businesswoman
Chris Martin Hill Chris Martin Hill … Immigration officer
Leyton Benta Leyton Benta … Rajan’s Funeral Mourner
Yash Agnihotri Yash Agnihotri … Rajan’s Funeral Mourner
Jim Quirke Jim Quirke … Police officer
Jason Churchill Jason Churchill … Gangster
Antoniya Gerimpapazi Antoniya Gerimpapazi … Punk party goer
Joanna Shegera Joanna Shegera … Guest
Saulius Cajauskas Saulius Cajauskas … London Gentleman
Karl-Martin Rantapelkonen Karl-Martin Rantapelkonen … Blanco (pete’s gang member friend)
Kinjal Kinjal … Rajan’s Funeral Mourner
Dimple Kumar Dimple Kumar … London Businessman
Alexander Akosile Alexander Akosile … Sivados Gang Member
Marek Hollands Marek Hollands … James
Jean Morris Nevitt Jean Morris Nevitt … Police officer
Elle Jones Elle Jones
Peter Trevor Peter Trevor … Prison Protestor
Minhaz Zee Minhaz Zee … Yuvi -Seeva Das Gang
Jonathan Arkwright Jonathan Arkwright … Gangster
Andrew J. Parker Andrew J. Parker … London Pedestrian
Ling Duong Ling Duong … Illegal Immigrant
Tim Benton Tim Benton … Singer
Kieren McGivern Kieren McGivern … Head Nightclub Bouncer
Jeffrey Louis Salkilld Jeffrey Louis Salkilld … Gang Member
Dean Wynton Dean Wynton … Biker
Nesanath Fernando Nesanath Fernando … Gangster
Anthony s Parker Anthony s Parker … London Party Goer
Kavel Kaur Kavel Kaur … Funeral Mourner
Devangy Addo Devangy Addo … Paramedic Rescue team
David Tarpey David Tarpey … Anthony
Shahan Chaudhry Shahan Chaudhry … Funeral Mourner
Ruban Nathan Ruban Nathan … Sivados Gang Member
Fionn Malone Fionn Malone … Matthew’s Assistant
Iman Zand Iman Zand … Police officer
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Madurai Alapparai Madurai Alapparai … Tamil Folk Crew
Laila Banki Laila Banki … Women in Hijab
Mélody Doxin Mélody Doxin
Alexander Garcia Alexander Garcia … John (henchman)
Nick Khan Nick Khan … Sivadas Gang Member
François Mequer François Mequer … Gangster
Raju Muthuswamy Raju Muthuswamy … Shivadas Gang
Marc Outbreak Marc Outbreak … Camo Gangster
Kiran Pande Kiran Pande
Mahi Parasuraman Mahi Parasuraman
P. Rangaraj P. Rangaraj … Srilankan Agent
Lee Westwick Lee Westwick … Reece
Chris Wilson Chris Wilson … Immigration Officer
PlotA nomadic gangster finds himself caught between good and evil in a fight for a place to call home. Starring Dhanush, Aishwarya Lekshmi and James Cosmo.

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How/ Where to Watch Jagame Thandhiram (Tamil):

Jagame Thandhiram (tamil) is currently available on Netflix.

To binge-watch this movie you can go with the below link.

Was so curious to watch this movie was all about.. coz couldn't really make it out from the trailers. Watched it on N. Plot , ohh yes by now we all know what it is.. but the creativity about handling an extremely sensitive issue was at the forefront. Kudos.. definitely handled well.. Dhanush sir stands out in every single frame .. what a versatility in acting between karnan and jagame thanthiram.. albeit the typical kuthu song. Every character has a strong purpose in the film.. story woven together well enough, camera captures the mood in all the important scenes, sensitizes a person well about a scene, songs .. .mm...well the bgm scores much higher here.  Plight of immigrants handled adequately but strongly. In the end yes a bit cinematic, ( ofcourse we like to see that don't we ) but overall a very unique proposition for onscreen infotainment. Kudos to Kartik Subbaraj for yet another truly different storytelling.

Jagame thandiram  tamil movie Watched on  Netflix officially today with my brother. A pure flick Gangetic Gangster entertainer Karthik subbaraj Padam OMG Mone Karthik subbaraj director Climax scene Highlight of the Film Entepone . And coming to the Performances Dhanush s performance Suruli attam swag as always London style  Gangetic Gangster entertainer performance which he has achieved golden opportunity Dhanush s climax scene ufffff Gangetic Entertainer Scene pone Aishwarya lexmi Attila dazzling sparkling look character powerful recent performance She has achieved. James Cosmo Wow OMG character best performance Peter sprott Tremendous conversation with Dhanush s Scene by Scene.
Idhil Agare oru 2 negative Matram
Joju George s kidikachi performance ayinu pakshe slang kurachidem nanavayinu good debut by him.
And no Bujji video song no nethu video song no Ala Ola video song.
Baki Ellam overall A entertainer and Gangetic Gangster Karthik subbaraj Padam. I thoroughly enjoyed and liked it bro 2nd half and climax made a surprising turn around in the film.
The Only dissapointing factor theartical material vannal mone.
Semma jagame thandiram Karthik subbaraj Padam🙏🙏🙏🤠🤠🤠😌😌😌💓💓💓🌏🌏🌏👍👍👍👌👌👌❣️❣️❣️💝💝💝.
i Would say Verdict- A pure  Gangster Gangetic Karthik Subbraj Padam. But Overall A Film is an Decent Film to be watch out For.
An Above Average Excellent Film To be watched out for.
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