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About Film Maanaadu:

Release Date25 November 2021
DirectorVenkat Prabhu
GenreAction, Adventure, Sci-fi
CastT.R. Silambarasan … Abdul Khaaliq (as Silambarasan TR)
S.J. Suryah S.J. Suryah … Dhanushkodi
Kalyani Priyadarshan Kalyani Priyadarshan … Seetha Lakshmi
S.A. Chandrashekhar S.A. Chandrashekhar … Arivazhagan
Anjena Kirti Anjena Kirti … Zarina Begum (as Anjena Kriti)
Y.G. Mahendran Y.G. Mahendran … Paranthaaman
PlotOn the day of a public conference by the state’s Chief Minister, his bodyguard and a police officer are stuck in a time loop.

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Maanaadu is currently available on Sony liv.

To binge-watch this movie you can go with the below link.

Maanaadu: Reviews:

Maanaadu - To start with a totally fresh and unique attempt in kollywood with crystal clear screenplay pattern without even wasting a single second of the duration maanaadu will be venkat prabus best till date Yes  i personally loved it more than mangatha and chennai 28 which was my fav of him the 24 crafts was cinema beautifully embeded into a really hard to explain project ❤️

The editor and cinematographer can also be called as co captains of the ship with VP was captain with a 2 hour 36 mins run time same scene repeating for more than an hour but engaging sounds different right ? But yes it was amazing just because of the two i mentioned perfectly edited film luckily his 100th film which will stay as his best 💥

Yuvan becomes something when its silambarasan leading the show which they keep proving with every single colab even AAA considered one of the most lethagic projects of silambarasan also has a really mass bgm which is still one of best bgms of yuvan hope and wish these both create more amazing projects 💥

Sj surya sir can be simply defined as an emotion dispenser yes he is just fantastic and flawless with not even 1% felt over acting or was never irrelavant to where the situation happens this man even after 2 decades of travel craves for performances and deliveries monsterous charecters which will always leave an impact 🔥

The very sensitive political issue approached in a very subtle way with some hard hitting dilouges with not overdoing the emotion and deviating the plot but also had a take away and created a impact even after the emotional underplay on the religious issues happening around us for a very long time.

Finally now to the man who was once called a failure even after he proved when all others dint actually know what proving yourself is and was also said he can never act and with stand in the industry anymore he is over etc etc he listned to everything when the whole world was resting he left the shell world he was in and came back to the world where people said he cant even step in may be they were right he actually dint step he just flew and is at top now what a performance just mind blowing and amazingg what a talent this man is he never needs to prove but he does with every scene what a transformation and he is just a positivity and a aura creator maanaadu will re write the history of comebacks in the cinema with silambarasan on the top and will always stand top in the list of best comeback after everyone though he is done. Awaiting more fantastic and tremendous projects from you sir 💥 he said in easwaran audio launch ini peche ila seyal dhan and the he had a small practice with easwaran and perfectly executed in maanaadu. 

May be films with sci fi will come in kollywood in the upcoming years but maanaadu will always be the best startpoint and the best screenplay which never created even a small confusion which is always a problem in sci fi but maanaadu was perfectly treated as a commercial film with a new element but everysingle thing they touched upon was never overdone which is going to be one strong reason for this film to be the talk of the town.

To end never miss maanaadu in theaters surely you will leave with a spectacular feeling which very rarely happens in commercial films and also feel proud of kollywood for doing something which was always seen as a wonder in a very simple and beautiful way.

Maanaadu is a sci-fi political thriller roped in with the time loop concept. Maanaadu will open the gates for the young directors who crave to try something new with Sci-Fi genres. Writer-Director Venkat Prabhu comes up with a mass entertaining thriller with a day loop concept and proves a point to the aspiring directors.

Undoubtedly, it is a solid come-back film for Venkat Prabhu, Simbu, and SJ Suryah. All praise the great efforts of the actors but fail to recognize the impeccable effort of Editor Praveen KL. It is a very difficult film to edit as there are many multiple layers within the storyline. Any flaw in the editing work may cause a continuity issue and the complete scene may go off-track. Day loop concept is quite new to the Tamil audience but general audiences can easily follow the storyline with the help of flawless editing. The audience erupts at the halfway mark when SJ Suryah and Simbu are shown in a single frame. The vision of the director was perfectly executed on-screen by Praveen KL with his high-class editing.

STR was struggling to survive in the industry as there is no noticeable hit after VTV. Maanaadu will become an important film in his career. Good to see him back on screen with solid performance and amazing physical transformation. STR delivers what is required for his role and plays it well for the high intense scenes. The emotional burst at the end shows his acting supremacy on screen. The face-off scene between Simbu and SJ Surya was a treat to watch. 

SJ Suryah is an iconic actor and every time he appears on screen the crowd erupts with joy. He played it so perfectly that we cannot imagine any other actor in his role. In terms of on-screen presence, Director maintains the balance between Simbu and SJ Surya as both the characters have an important role to play in the screenplay. The humor side of SJ Suryah was well established and blends well with the screenplay.

Director Venkat Prabhu deserves all the praise for his impactful writing for a highly complex story. There are so many repetitive scenes in the film but it was engaging and entertaining throughout the film. His hard work in crafting such a solid complex story is quite evident in many parts of the film. The clarity and details for the day loop were perfectly layered and smartly simplified in the screenplay. It is an out-and-out Venkat Prabhu game in the second half. The encounter scenes between STR and SJ Suryah were smartly written and it is commercially enjoyable to watch. 

Cinematography by Richard M Nathan adds value to the director's vision. It is quite challenging to follow the continuity for the repetitive loop scenes which take place in the same location but Richard used the right angle to capture the loop scenes and also highlighted the subtle difference in the loop as the movie progress. Yuvan's background score is very effective for the day loop scenes. Stunt sequences are elevated with strong BGM backed up by Stunt Shiva's action choreography.

All the supporting characters played their part well for a perfect political thriller. Y.G. Mahendren showed his grey shade to enact the negative role and it worked out well in the screenplay. Kalyani Priyadarshan, Premgi, and Karunarakan have been utilized decently to an extent. 

Overall, Maanaadu is a commercially enjoyable science fiction flick and a must-watch film to experience the fun ride in theatre.
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