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Anime Title Marco
Director of Marco Not Available
Cast & Crew of Marco Not Available
Country Not Available
Date Added 1999
Marco – Original Release  1999
Show Rating of Marco 6.048
Episodes 1
Genre of Marco
Synopsis / Plot / Storyline of Marco In the poverty stricken city of Genoa, Italy, a young man named Marco’s mother departs for Argentina, where she can work to help support her family. One year after her departure, Marco still lives in Genoa with his physician father and handful of friends, and misses his mother terribly. When her usual letter fails to arrive, Marco decides to do something drastic — go alone to Argentina to find her! With only a small amount of money and no one to turn to, this brave little boy sets off on an adventure through continents, storms and treachery, all for a chance to see his mother again…


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The Marco is currently available on popular streaming site and was aired from  1999


Netflix Listings of Marco

19th Century, Historical, World Masterpiece Theater, Based on a Novel

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