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Anime Title Ninkuu (Movie)
Director of Ninkuu (Movie) Not Available
Cast & Crew of Ninkuu (Movie) Not Available
Country Not Available
Date Added Jul 15, 1995
Ninkuu (Movie) – Original Release  Jul 15, 1995
Show Rating of Ninkuu (Movie) 6.19
Episodes 1
Genre of Ninkuu (Movie)
Synopsis / Plot / Storyline of Ninkuu (Movie) How much humiliation can four people and a penguin take?

Hard boiled Aito? Sexy bombshell Rihoko? Choji the red brief? Shining Fuusuke? Cutesy Hooter Hiroyuki? Oh, gimme a break! Who do these guys think they are? The Ninku?

Unfortunately for the real Aito, Choji, Rihoko, and Fuusuke, they do. But little did these imposters know when they stumbled on this sleepy little desert town, that thereƒ??d be a price to pay for being treated like the real Ninku, namely, having to fight the deadly Heaven & Earth brothers!

Fortunately for our phony friends, the real Aito, Choji, and Fuusuke step in, thereƒ??s nothing but trouble for the bad guys. Can the Ninku art of magic fighting beat the Heaven & Earth brothers deadly fighting style?

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The Ninkuu (Movie) is currently available on popular streaming site and was aired from  Jul 15, 1995


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Action, Adventure, Comedy, Historical, Martial Arts, Shounen

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