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About Ragnarok Season 2 :

Netflix TitleRagnarok Season 2
NetflixRelease Date27 May 2021
DirectorEmilie Lebech Kaae
CastDavid Stakston as Magne
Jonas Strand Gravli as Laurits
Herman Tommeraas as Fjor
Theresa Frostad Eggesbo as Saxa
Jeppe Beck Laursen as Radio Host
Synnove Macody Lund as Ran
PlotRagnarok Season 2 is about a small Norwegian town experiencing violent downpours and warm winters. Due to this, Magne looks for help in the fight against colossal foes with his unmanageable brother.

If you’ve enjoyed the Norwegian Netflix series, Ragnarok Season 1, then you will love Ragnarok Season 2. Yes, you heard it right, Ragnarok is back with a 2 Season on Netflix. With the power-packed six new episodes, Ragnarok series fans have already been asking for the next season.

Ragnarok Season 2 Trailer:

How/ Where to Watch Ragnarok Season 2– Episodes:

So, with the six episodes and stunning reviews of Season 2, Ragnarok is an easy series to binge-watch. 

Episode 1– New Boy

Episode 2– 541 Meters

Episode 3– Jutulheim

Episode 4– Ginnungagap

Episode 5– Atomic Number 48

Episode 6– Yes, We Love This Country


Ragnarok Season 2 Reviews:

Being a fan of Ragnarok Season 1, you may remember that Season 1 has ended up with a violent fight between Magne and Vidar, head of the Jutul family. In continuation with it, Season 2 begins with their fight result,  which sets the mood for the whole series. The intriguing part about Ragnarok is the way the series confronts Norse mythology to the modern day is incredible. Some people may find Season 2 quite dark, as it involves so many deaths. No doubt that the whole series is extremely entertaining and full of both heartbreaks and humor that you’re going to enjoy a lot. Overall, Ragnarok is a lovely-looking show with superpowered actions performed by the well-rounded characters in their own right. Though Season 2 is an evolution of most of the characters, and thus, you can suspect that Season 3 will be going to an epic battle between the Gods and Giants.

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