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Anime Title Revue Starlight
Director of Revue Starlight Not Available
Cast & Crew of Revue Starlight Not Available
Country Not Available
Date Added 2018
Revue Starlight – Original Release  2018
Show Rating of Revue Starlight 7.638
Episodes 12
Genre of Revue Starlight
Synopsis / Plot / Storyline of Revue Starlight After receiving a mysterious invitation to audition for a coveted spot with, Starlight, a popular musical revue troupe, star-struck contestants begin honing their talents and competing against each other for a chance of a lifetime. Among the hopefuls are childhood friends, Karen and Hikari, who once promised each other that they would take the stage together. With each contender working tirelessly hard to win, itƒ??s the girlsƒ?? passionate dedication to their lifelong dream thatƒ??ll truly transform their performances as the curtains rise.


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The Revue Starlight is currently available on popular streaming site and was aired from  2018


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Drama, Abstract, All-Girls School, Childhood Friends, Childhood Promise, Showbiz, Original Work

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