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Netflix Title Roman Empire
Director of Roman Empire Not Available
Cast & Crew of Roman Empire [‘Steve West’, ‘Tom Holland’, ‘Mike Duncan’, ‘David Levene’, ‘Anthony Everitt’, ‘Kathryn Tempest’, ‘Barry Strauss’, ‘Amanda Ruggeri’, ‘Adrian Murdoch’, ‘Corey Brennan’, ‘Caitlin Gillespie’, ‘Aaron Irvin’, ‘Ido Drent’, ‘Craig Walsh-Wrightson’, ‘Phil Brown’, ‘Elizabeth Felker’, ‘Emma Foster’, ‘Teressa Liane’]
Date Added Not Available
Roman Empire – Release Year 2019
Show Rating of Roman Empire 3.6/ 5
Genre of Roman Empire Biography,Documentary,Drama
Plot of Roman Empire The young Caligula has a difficult childhood when his family members are either murdered or exiled at the hands of the emperor Tiberius.


Synopsis  of Roman Empire

Roman Empire

Roman Empire looks at the early life of Caligula who was raised among the Roman legions until the death of his father Germanicus. Convinced that he was murdered by Emperor Tiberius, Caligula’s mother Agrippina raises an uproar. She is eventually put on trial for treason and exiled. After the death of Tiberius’s son, however, Caligula is taken to Capri to live with Tiberius where he is eventually named co-heir with Tiberius’s grandson Gemellus. Ÿ??Shatterdaymorn

Roman Empire

7.2/10 stars from
193 users in IMDB
Reviews: 50.

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The tvEpisode Roman Empire is currently available on Netflix and was added to Netflix this year.

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