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About Tokyo Trial

Netflix TitleTokyo Trial
Release Date12 December 2016
Production LocationJapan
Directed byPieter Verhoeff
Rob W. King
CastTim Ahern as Myron C. Cramer
Paul Freeman as William. D. Patrick
Serge Hazanavicius as Henri Bernard
Marcel Hensema as B. V. A. Röling
William Hope as John P. Higgins
Jonathan Hyde as President Sir William Webb
Michael Ironside as Gen. Douglas MacArthur
Irrfan Khan as Radhabinod Pal
Stephen McHattie as E. Stuart McDougall
David Tse as Mei Ru’ao
Shin’ya Tsukamoto as Michio Takeyama
Julian Wadham as Erima H. Northcroft
Bert Matias as Col. Delfín Jaranilla
Hadewych Minis as Eta Harich-Schneider
PlotDuring the struggle of World War 2, the fate of Japanese criminals lie on the shoulders of a group of judges. This forms the basis for a high profile international trial

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The TV Series Tokyo Trial is currently available on Netflix and was added to Netflix on 24 February 2021

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As the trial comes to a close, Webb learns the majority is writing a judgment without him. The divided tribunal must still debate the final sentencing phase of the trial

When the judges move to oust Tribunal President Webb, MacArthur must appoint a new leader. The recently arrived justice from India stirs tensions.

A president is appointed. Pal and Roling came into the opposition of each other, as Pal is writing his own separate judgment.

In the spring of 1946, Judges from 11 Allied nations begin assembling in a war-torn Tokyo hotel to argue the atrocities of Japanese war Criminals.

Tokyo Trial – Reviews

The trial shows that it did not require a law as there was no international law at the time the Japanese fought the Allies in the WW II. Legally, the Japanese must not have been tried for war crimes by a law enacted subsequently or by the principle of another trial happened elsewhere for some different crimes.

The European, the Russian, the Chinese Judges were guided by their personal biases and they were openly influenced by the interests of the nations they belonged to. It was a Farce. It was set up to punish the Japanese for a crime for which even the Allies were equally guilty.

There are some cinematographic liberties that reflect the personal condition of each judge or that of some of the characters, for example, the pianist; what happened to the German pianist? Other than those minor elements, the series was excellent. The lone Indian Judge, Justice Radha Binod Pal played excellently by Irfan Khan was the exception – he pronounced NOT GUILTY. All the other Judges tried to even threaten him to submit to the majority view. But Justice Pal knew the Rule of Law well.

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