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Anime Title Wei?? Survive
Director of Wei?? Survive Not Available
Cast & Crew of Wei?? Survive Not Available
Country Not Available
Date Added Jun 6, 2009 to Sep 26, 2009
Wei?? Survive – Original Release  Jun 6, 2009 to Sep 26, 2009
Show Rating of Wei?? Survive 6.16
Episodes 16
Genre of Wei?? Survive
Synopsis / Plot / Storyline of Wei?? Survive Takeshi was just an ordinary guy until a perfectly innocent study session with Michi – the most beautiful girl in the school – ended up with him being mysteriously transported into the strange dimension known as the Weiss Schwarz Battle Space. Once there, a crazy but enthusiastic old man informs him that he is the chosen warrior and must win a succession of card battles to get back home.

The only problem: he doesn’t know how to play! However, with the expert Michi ready to teach him the ins and outs of this bizarre and improbably slapstick card game, Takeshi will learn the ropes and get ready for the card battle of a lifetime. Assuming he survives the training…

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How/ Where to Watch Wei?? Survive

The Wei?? Survive is currently available on popular streaming site and was aired from  Jun 6, 2009 to Sep 26, 2009


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Game, Comedy, Ecchi

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