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About Xtreme :

Netflix TitleXtreme
Release Date4 June 2019
DirectorDaniel Benmayor
GenreAction, Crime, Drama
CastTeo Garcia, Oscar Jaenada, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Oscar Casas, Andrea Duro, Albert Jo Lee, Luis Zahera.
PlotTwo years after the murder, a retired hitman with the troubled teen and his sister plans to take revenge on his stepbrother.

If you’re looking for an incredible action for a very long time, then your wait is finally going to be over. Netflix comes with a Spanish action movie, Xtreme set in Barcelona.

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Xtreme is currently streaming on Netflix. To watch this movie, click on the link given below,


Xtreme Reviews:

So, you might be thinking that Xtreme is a worthwhile action movie to watch? Then have a look at the reviews of Xtreme.

The storyline of Xtreme follows a bitter fallout between the stepbrothers Lucero and Maximo. The action sequences are well made, insane, and the most eye-dropping of the film. Talking about the plot, Xtreme is a predictable and straightforward movie, with no depths given to the casts. So, overall it’s fun to watch because the film doesn’t require a deep thought process to enjoy.

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