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Anime Title Zatch Bell!
Director of Zatch Bell! Not Available
Cast & Crew of Zatch Bell! Not Available
Country Not Available
Date Added 2003
Zatch Bell! – Original Release  2003
Show Rating of Zatch Bell! 6.638
Episodes 150
Genre of Zatch Bell!
Synopsis / Plot / Storyline of Zatch Bell! Takamine Kiyomaro is a junior high school student who thinks heƒ??s too smart for school, to the disappointment of his mother. On his 14th birthday a surprise literally crashes through Kiyomaroƒ??s window, in the form ofƒ?? a small naked child?! His name is Gash Bell and his goal is simple: be a mentor for Kiyomaro, at the request of Kiyomaroƒ??s departed father. In return, Kiyomaro must help discover the secrets behind Gash Bellƒ??s amnesia and his past, with only a red book as a clue. As if things werenƒ??t crazy enough, Kiyomaro soon discovers that Gash Bell is a demon — one of many on Earth — who can be forced back to the demon world if its corresponding book is burned. Armed with the power of the red book, Kiyomaro must now help Gash Bell defend himself against other demons who want to vanquish him from the Earth, lest his newfound friend vanish forever!


How/ Where to Watch Zatch Bell!

The Zatch Bell! is currently available on popular streaming site and was aired from  2003


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Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, Demons, Elemental Powers, Magic, Non-Human Protagonists, Person in a Strange World, Proxy Battles, Slapstick, Superpowers, Tournaments, Weak to Strong, Based on a Manga

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